Emerging Industries

The legal sector has seen major growth where emerging markets require immediate organizational development and expansion. Many of these markets are quickly evolving and expanding. CMX's clients tend to be fast and nimble with entrepreneurial flair and a mercurial approach seeking out niches and business opportunities at an alarming rate.

CMX's Emerging Industries practice focuses on bringing legal insights to a number of technological innovations that are reshaping our society. CMX lawyers apply their high level of knowledge from different practices, including Corporate, Corporate Finance, and Securities, among other areas.

CMX lawyers take a proactive approach to solving business issues related to emerging technologies. We remain abreast of developments in such areas as blockchain, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, “Big Data,” artificial intelligence, and FinTech, as well as others. By anticipating where problems and opportunities may arise, we can help clients mitigate risk exposure and forge agreements to leverage new technologies to ultimately benefit their business’ bottom lines.

CMX lawyers also provides counsel when disputes arise. Our philosophy is to develop strategies that help move our clients toward their business goals. This includes early assessment of potential disputes and advising on actions that result in cost-effective solutions.

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