Unfair and discriminatory labor practices against employees can take many forms, including claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, refusal to give a reasonable accommodation, denial of leave, employer retaliation, and wage and hour violations.  We handle a variety of civil litigation cases, dispute and settlement management involving unfair labor practices and claims against employees, whether advocating for the employee or defending the employer in a wide range of labor disputes.

CMX's Employment practice manages FINRA related broker employment issues, disputes with local state taxing authorities over employment claims in the restaurant and hospitality sector, and employee contract claims sourced from employment contracts.  We also advise employees and employers, and advise, draft and prepare for our clients, employment contracts for key employees or as part of severance situations.

In addition, essential element of the talent lifecycle is ensuring compliance in the day-to-day management of employees.  CMX attorneys assist employers in managing legal compliance, developing best-in-class policies and programs to reduce turnover, drive accountability, maximizing employee engagement and happiness, and driving company culture for our corporate and business clients.

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