Real Estate – Commercial & Residential


CMX's Commercial & Residential Real Estate practice group is dedicated to facilitating real estate sales and purchases, closings, assessment liens, title transfers, and more. While the process of acquiring and selling properties can become tedious and confusing, CMX assists in the smooth transition of ownership and the swift resolution of property, title, use and landlord tenant disputes. CMX lawyers help clients avoid the many potential issues which can arise at during a transaction, including closing and post-closing matters.

In addition to the purchase or sale of real property, states typically regulate the renting or leasing of property for residential or commercial purposes. Such laws cover security deposits, evictions, and more.  State and local laws may also have a substantial effect on how owners can use their property. Zoning and environmental laws affect development and construction projects. Further, community or homeowner association rules affect the use of property in many residential communities.

Whether a first time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, CMX provides guidance as to all aspects of a real estate transaction, such as inspections, contracts, title insurance, mortgage financing, private financing and closings. When needed CMX has an extensive network of real estate brokers, inspectors, and mortgage lenders to make sure that the transaction is handled as diligently and smoothly as possible.

Buying or selling a house, co-op, condominium, multi-family or commercial building can be a significant financial transaction. Although a real estate closing itself may seem simple, what takes place before and sometimes during the closing can be complicated and stressful. CMX's experienced real estate attorneys are able to help you make the informed decision and deal with any problems that may arise.

We are able to serve our real estate clients in New York, California and Connecticut.

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